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CTP Portal: Smarter travel management

The most simple yet powerful way to manage your institution’s travel – CTP Portal.

The CTP Portal is a centralized travel hub for all your favorite business travel tools, providing easy and intuitive access to your booking, planning, reporting, risk management, and profile management travel tools.

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CTP Portal - An intuitive, centralized travel management hub for every travel stakeholder

At CTP, we understand that managing an effective travel program can be complex and time-consuming.

That’s why CTP and the CTM Group have developed the CTP Travel Portal – a centralized travel hub designed to drive efficiency, visibility, and ease for every travel stakeholder.

The CTP Portal is designed specifically for the end-user experience. We develop our products, features, and interface experience based on real customer value and market demand, drawn from CTP’s regular user labs, feature analytics, and end-user interviews.

The CTP Portal enables single-sign-on for maximum security and user convenience, with configurable access settings that allow specific employees to utilize only the tools relevant to their role. No more searching for passwords across multiple products!

Tools for Travel Managers

The CTP Portal enables travel managers to drive program compliance, duty of care, cost control, and consistency across your university travel program. With single-sign-on access to all their travel management tools in one place, the CTP Portal empowers travel managers to maximize efficiency and drive outcomes for your institution.

CTP Portal tools for travel managers:

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Tools for Travel Arrangers

Travel arrangers are now empowered to deliver enhanced speed, accuracy, and compliance in their role via the CTP Portal. Access all your day-to-day travel tools plus communicate directly with targeted university travelers via the traveler tracking interface. Designed to maximize user experience and policy adoption, the CTP Portal provides a centralized hub to access all the tools in the Travel Arrangers’ toolkit.

CTP Portal tools for travel bookers:

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Tools for University Travelers

Your travelers need quick and reliable access to tools and services that make their trips productive, safe, and enjoyable. The CTP Portal provides a single point of access to important travel documentation, risk management, and emergency communications tools, to ensure every traveler can travel with confidence.

CTP Portal tools for university travelers:

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